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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Huawei mata 40 pro Review Official Looks

 Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review Huawei mata 40 pro )}

 In a way, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is the lastof its kind. By this time next year, unless something seriouslydrastic changes, Huawei phones will be nothing like the Mate 40 Pro.

 Because this will be the last smartphone fromHuawei to feature a Kirin chipset, as the Huawei ban now blocks the company from evenproducing its own processors. Huawei is currently surviving on stockpiledon components and it might have to halt smartphone production eventually. 

But in the meantime, they are launching theirlatest and greatest phone the Mate 40 Pro on October 22nd just 5 days from now and wehave quite a lot of info about the handset. First up this is how the Mate 40 Pro Porscheedition looks like. Honestly, though it looks very weird and atthe same time looks very different than other smartphones in the market. 

Humari mata 40 pro RAM and storage?

This is a Porsche edition and costs 2000 Eurosbut the regular Mate 40 Pro looks different. Here are some official marketing materialsof the Mate 40 Pro and Huawei has decided to retain the waterfall display, the notchis similar to the P30 Pro which again was borrowed from the Galaxy S10 Plus. The back looks weird again. 

Not a fan of it either. Honestly, the back of Mate 40 Porsche's designlooks better than the Mate 40 Pro in my opinion. Also here is the retail box of the handsetthat confirms that Huawei will offer the device with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. 

Huawei mata 40 pro camera detail.

The camera is the main selling point of theMate 40 Pro and one of Huawei's executives shared a camera sample of the handset. He posted this picture of the moon in broaddaylight, revealing impressive details of the moon’s surface. The image is of low quality because I couldn'tfind the original source but the details of the moon’s surface are really good. 

Huawei was one of the first companies thatmade taking pictures of the moon trendy and with the Mate 40 Pro they are likely goingto set a sort of new benchmark for the zooming capabilities of a smartphone. Due to the US sanctions, Huawei has decidedto sell its Honor smartphone division to refocus its resources. Honor’s phones, which offer nearly the samefeatures and specs as Huawei flagships but at more affordable price points, are partlyresponsible for Huawei’s rise in the smartphone market, making up nearly half of Huawei’soverall sales. 

So this is certainly bad news for Huawei butit could turn out to be a win-win situation for Honor. Because distancing itself from Huawei willmake sure Honor doesn't fall under the US ban and they can do business like other smartphonecompanies including using Google services. 

The deal is expected to land Huawei up to$3.7 billion in cash and Xiaomi is the potential buyer. Ming-Chi Kuo a famous analyst predicts thatif Huawei doesn't get smartphone chips from somewhere it's more likely they will evenexit the smartphone market altogether which is a shame for the smartphone industry. 

Anyway, I don't recommend buying the Mate40 Pro for the simple fact that it doesn't have Google services unless you live in Chinabut the last time I checked you don't so I don't recommend it even if it's a great handset. Let me know what do you think about this downin the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out! 

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