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Monday, November 23, 2020

November 23, 2020

OnePlus 9 pro full review camera, storage, and, battery ,etc.

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review One plus 9 pro .)}

 So just like Samsung, Oneplus is also launchingtheir new flagship the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro earlier than usual. OnePlus 8 was launched in May this year butthe OnePlus 9 will be launched a couple of months earlier in March.

 And as a result, we are getting the firstCAD look as well as the real look at the camera earlier as well. First up here is the OnePlus 9 Pro courtesyof ever-reliable Onleaks which shows that the OnePlus 9 Pro keeps the basic front designof the earlier release with a punch-hole camera to the left and a curved 6.7" display. 

But the back is where it'll see some changeswhich show some good news and bad news. The 9 Pro will have 4 cameras at the back. The first one is a 48MP main camera with abigger sensor. 

OnePlus has opted for a different sensor thistime than the usual Sony IMX686. The second sensor is 48-megapixel ultra-wide-anglecamera, which should represent a pretty decent upgrade over the 16-megapixel implementationthat OnePlus has used until now. The third and 4th cameras are going to bestraight-up trash, to be honest. Looking at their sizes, they will be a macrocamera and a depth camera. 

There's absolutely no need for these camerasas you can get the same effect with the main camera itself. It's just a marketing tactic to show you thattheir latest phone has 4 cameras when in fact it's basically a dual-camera setup. Interestingly there's no telephoto cameraon this handset. Forget about 5 or 10x periscope zoom, thisphone doesn't even have a basic 2x telephoto camera and that's just weird because theycan put those two trash cameras and can't put a telephoto which a lot of people actuallyuse on a day to day basis. 

The thing is macro and depth cameras are verycheap, they don't even cost a dollar whereas the telephoto costs significantly more andthat's the reason they didn't implement it on this phone. What makes this even weirder is that the OnePlus8 Pro had both wide-angle and telephoto cameras so I don't understand why they have decidedto not include it on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

 Anyway, the back is made up of glass, andOnePlus has apparently opted to place metal rings around the two primary lenses kindalike the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

We also have the first look at the vanillaOnePlus 9 and it also basically looks the same as the Pro except the display is flat,the bezels are a little thicker and it has a triple camera array. Here's the live image of the camera moduleof the OnePlus 9 which will have the same camera configuration as the Pro except therewill be one less trash camera. 

The third camera is either a depth or a macro. Other features include a 120Hz display onboth of the handsets, There's no word on the battery yet, but the company's latest 65Wfast charging tech is to be expected on the OnePlus 9 Pro. 

You can also expect to find 8GB of RAM and256GB of internal storage as standard which can go up to 12GB/512GB configuration. Snapdragon 875 will power these handsets andlike I've said the handsets will come out in March in about 4 months. 

Let me know what do you think in the commentsdown below and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

November 17, 2020

Samsung Galaxy A72 phone review and more distilled.

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review samsung Galaxy A72 .)}

  So since flagships are getting really expensivethese days, in particular, Samsung's main flagships for 2020 cost over 13, $1400. And as a result, the market share of flagshipshave come down in the past year or so. 

                Samsung Galaxy A72 phone review and more distilled.

Coupled with the state of the world rightnow, where the economy hasn't recovered yet the global smartphone market has seen a shiftwhere consumers are focusing on getting value for money smartphones. Companies totally understand this and that'swhy we see phones like the Google Pixel 5 is being released at sub $700. 

Not only that a couple of days ago Samsungliterally surprised everyone with their newest S20 phone the Galaxy S20 FE that costs $599for the 4G and $699 for the 5G variant that has all the flagship features. 

But Samsung isn't done yet, they are workingon the successors to their best selling midrange phones the Galaxy A51 and A71 and today wehave new information about the Galaxy A72 that says it's going to be the first Samsungphone to have more than 4 cameras. South Korean media reports that the GalaxyA72 will have 5 rear cameras. 

A couple of years ago Samsung unveiled theworld’s first quad-camera phone, the Galaxy A9 but the title of the world's first phoneto have 5 cameras won't go to the Galaxy A72 because Nokia already did it with the Nokia9. 

The Penta-camera setup will consist of a 64-megapixelmain sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, an 8-megapixel telephoto camera with 3x opticalzoom, a 5-megapixel macro module, and another 5-megapixel bokeh camera, it's not the depthcamera, bokeh camera. 

What exactly is the difference between depthand bokeh camera, I don't know but the report specifically stresses that it's a bokeh cameraand not depth. Anyway, the image quality of the Galaxy A72should be on par with the S20 FEm plus those extra gimmicky camera lenses. 

I don't understand why companies even putthese macro and depth cameras in the first place when they can achieve the same withthe main camera itself. In my opinion, a smartphone should only have4 cameras, a normal, wide, telephoto, and a periscope zoom camera. Others are just gimmicky at this point. Even the upcoming OnePlus 8T has 4 camerasand 2 of them are macro and depth. 

So it's about time companies scrap this nonsense. But that doesn't mean the camera of the A72is going to be bad. Like I've said it's going to be on par withthe S20 FE which has a flagship-grade camera. Also, the Galaxy A72 will be the first A seriesphone to have optical image stabilization built-in. Only Samsung's flagships have this featurefor now. 

So this again would bring it on par with theirlatest Galaxy S and Note phones to some extent. Also, the Galaxy A72 will get three yearsof operating system updates like their flagships which is amazing for a midrange phone. 

It will also have wireless charging. Samsung will also launch the Galaxy A52 thatwill have 4 cameras and we don't have the camera configuration yet but apparently, Samsungis so confident in these two handsets that it will produce 30 million units of thesephones. That's 10% of their overall shipments forthe year which is massive. 

The Galaxy A71 was launched at $599 with 5Gso I expect the pricing for the A72 to either remain the same or 50 bucks cheaper. It can't be higher because you have an evenbetter S20 FE sitting at 699. Anyway, the launch is expected to take placein January because the A71 and A51 were launched in the very same month. Let me know what do you think about this downin the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out 

November 17, 2020

iPhone 12 review camera and stroge all Ditelles.

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review iphone 12 .)}

जॉब के लिए नीचे दिए गये फ्रॉम को भरे ,👇👇👇

So the iPhone 12 lineup is coming and theyare expected to launch on October 13th which is not far away

Jon Prosser revealed more information aboutthe handsets revealing that Apple will launch all the 4 iPhone 12 variants on October 13thbut only the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 will go on sale sometime in October. The pro variants are delayed and will be shippedin November. 

He says Apple’s first shipment of finaliPhone 12 units is going out to distributers on October 5th, the shipments include iPhone12 mini and iPhone 12. So safe to say these two handsets will goon sale first and the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will be delayed to November. 

There are a couple of reasons for this. One could be the supply chain issues due tothe pandemic. And the other is Apple doesn't want to cannibalizethe sales of the Pro models due to the affordable iPhone 12 models. Now you can also see in Prosser's tweet thatthe base storage of the iPhone 12 and mini is going to be 64GB. Yeah, 64GB in 2020.

 In a world where competing smartphones fromother brands are offering 128GB as the base and even 128GB has become the baseline forcheaper and midrange devices, Apple on the other hand is still offering a minuscule 64GBon their flagship lineup. 

In an era when music and movies are streamedand photos are saved in the cloud, you can even argue that local storage is an antiquatedsystem. It's a valid argument if you're constantlymaking sure your photos are being uploaded to Google Photos or iCloud and are alwaysconnected to the internet to stream YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, or Apple Music. 

But the problem is most people don't do thatand plenty prefer the option to have music and photos at the ready whenever they wantthem. Not to mention games, which are similarlygrowing in size as the phones they run on become more powerful. 

Apple Arcade will soon have a hundred gamesat the ready. Apps are becoming bigger too. Photos, in particular, are a frequent storagehog. With the new iPhone's focus on camera improvements,one would expect that people will be taking even more photos and videos. Especially with features like night mode,deep fusion, and more. 

A minute of 4K video at 60 frames per seconduses up to 400MB of space so you would expect how quickly it's going to fill that 64GB up. And if that isn't enough, there is also acompetitive argument. Like I've said not only is 128GB now the standardamong competitors and some of them even offering 256GB as the base but the higher capacityhas become the baseline for cheaper midrange devices.

 So I don't think Apple has any reason to justify64GB in 2020. I know storage isn't particularly fun or excitingto talk about, but it plays a critical role in ensuring you can use your device how youwant with all of your apps, games, movies, etc. 

I know some people are going to defend theidea of 64GB on this phone and probably these are the type of people who use a smartphonelike a feature phone and for them, even 32GB is enough but for the rest, 128GB should bestandard and it's about time Apple understands this. 

Thankfully, though at least the Pro modelswill start at 128GB. Anyway let me know what do you think aboutthis down in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...peace out! 

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Monday, November 16, 2020

November 16, 2020

Samsung's Rollable Smartphone .

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review Samsung's Rollable Smartphone.)}

Samsung's Chair man Lee Jae-Yong held a designstrategy meeting and stressed the importance of an integrated design. 

It's the first time ever that the CEO of allthe important Samsung business units have attended a common meeting including DJ Kohand TM Roh. 

Samsung's chairman was also photographed atSamsung's research and development center in South Korea in which he was seen holdinga prototype phone unlike anything else we have seen from Samsung so far. South Korean people believe this is Samsung'sunannounced sliding display smartphone where the display actually stretches from a regularsmartphone form factor to a tablet form factor. 

It also looks almost exactly like the patentthat Samsung filed a couple of years ago, letsgodigital made these renders based onthose patents which show the display slides from one end to reveal a bigger screen. 

It looks like Samsung's chairman is also holdinga sliding display phone with the same form factor albeit it looks like the mechanismslides towards the left instead of right as shows in these renders. By the way, Samsung has been working on thistechnology for years now. In fact, they showcased this stretchable displayalmost 4 years ago.

 So it isn't entirely new ground for Samsung. Also if you remember we got a report fromSouth Korean media a few weeks ago that Samsung is planning to bring sliding screen smartphonesto the market as soon as next year. 

So it seems we are looking at one of the prototypesof this phone and I won't be surprised if the final product ends up looking like this. By the way, LG is also working on a slidingdisplay phone. In fact, they showcased a teaser at theirlaunch event and according to the latest information, they are calling the LG Slide.

 It will be launched in March next year soit seems sliding phones are the next big thing to go along with foldable smartphones. In a way, the slide-out screen design is intriguingbecause it achieves the same goal of teasing the screen real estate of a tablet from adevice the size of a typical phone, without the complication of bending the device. 

This could allow it to have a single, moreefficient battery, and could potentially solve the problem of the foldable phone's telltalecrease. So looking forward to next year to see ifthey are actually better than the folding phones we have right now. 

Some details iPhone

Apple officially stated that the battery lifeof the iPhone 12 and the previous-gen iPhone 11 series is the same but turns out that'snot the case. Mrwhosetheboss did a battery test among thebest phones all the major companies have to offer that includes the Note 20 Ultra, Mate40 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra, Oneplus 8 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro. 

And despite having a 5nm chipset and a 60Hzdisplay the iPhone 12 Pro performed noticeably worse than the competition. It had a screen on time of 7hr 16 minuteswhich is good but pales in comparison to the Note 20 Ultra which lasted 8hrs and 41 minutesin his test. 

And remember the Note 20 Ultra has 120Hz anda 7nm chipset, so the reports that said Apple didn't include a 120Hz panel on the iPhone12 because of battery issues were absolutely true. Anyway, let me know what do you think aboutthis down in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out! 

November 16, 2020

OnePlus 8T INSANE SPEED Review

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review OnePlus 8T .)}

OnePlus 8T INSANE SPEED So OnePlus is gearing up to launch its secondflagship of the year, the OnePlus 8T scheduled to launch either at the end of this monthor early next month. Surprisingly there won't be a Pro variantof the 8T this year, they are only going to launch the OnePlus 8T.

 And that makes sense since there isn't muchleft to differentiate the two handsets. Anyway, Onleaks revealed the full 360-degreelook of the OnePlus 8T alongside the whole specifications of the handset which showsthat OnePlus will blow most of the smartphone out of the water in one of the departments. First off, the phone looks like this. 

A huge camera module at the back to go alongwith other huge camera module phones we've seen recently. It's kinda justified on flagship phones fromSamsung and Huawei because they offer camera specs to back it up. 

But here on the OnePlus 8T, I think it's totallyunnecessary in my opinion. It feels like OnePlus is following a me-toomovement in the smartphone world by putting that huge camera set up to make it seem likeit can go toe to toe with Samsung's and Huawei's of the world but in fact, it's just a dual-cameraphone. Yes, there are 4 cameras out there, but twoof them are straight-up trash. 

OnePlus 8T, camera ?

One is a depth camera and another is a macrocamera. Both of the effects can be achieved from themain lens itself. But the good thing is the main camera is seeingan upgrade, it's going to have a bigger sensor compared to the OnePlus 8. It's coupled with a 16MP ultrawide lens. The front camera is 32MP by the way.

OnePlus 8T, Buttery ?

Charging speed is where OnePlus is going insanemode. Their 30W of warp charge was already fastenough but they are taking to a whole new level on the OnePlus 8T as it's going to offera 65W of warp charging.

 This charger has already been revealed byOppo which by the way is a sister company of OnePlus which shows that it can fully chargea 4000mAh battery in just 30 minutes with a 27% charge in just 5 minutes. Oppo pulls off these speeds using GalliumNitride (GaN) semiconductors and has five different safety measures throughout the wire,adapter, and handset. 

Integrated circuits are built into the adapteritself, so heat is dissipated before it ever reaches your phone. Since Oppo and OnePlus share almost everything,even their looks, it's safe to say we're going to see the same charger on the OnePlus 8Twith some rebranding. 

A couple of years ago I used to think thatsuch things were pointless, I mean why do you even need such fast charging when youcan just charge it overnight. That changed when I actually got a fast charger. There are many instances where you quicklyneed to refill the phone, I no longer need to bring a bulky power bank with me, and insteadjust pop the phone on the wall charger during short bursts whenever I sit down anywherewith a wall outlet. Not to mention now I never leave it pluggedin overnight.

 So good to know companies are making our lifeeasier with these fast chargers, but even with those charging safety measures Oppo andOnePlus is taking, we still have to see if that is going to affect the lifecycle of thebattery. 

OnePlus 8T, RAN & Storage ?

Other specs of the handset include Snapdragon865, not the 865+, a 4500mAh battery, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage as standard,there's also a 12/256GB version, and of course a 6.55" 1080p plus 120Hz display which isan improvement over 90Hz of the OnePlus 8. With that being said, let me know what doyou think about this down in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...peaceout 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

November 12, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Top 6 FEATURES

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2  .)}

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 marks Samsung’s first majorrefresh for its flagship foldable phone, and it looks to improve on nearly every shortcomingof the original model. 

So let's take a look at all the new featuresof this phone that could make it a true flagship handset of this year. 

A Bigger Flex Mode ?

One of the biggest features of the GalaxyZ Fold 2 is that freestanding hinge, first seen in the Z Flip called the Flex mode whichallows the phone to partially open to do activities like read the news while eating, take a selfieor stabilize the phone and act as a viewfinder for a typical photo. Partially open, the phone was also terrificat becoming its own stand for video calls. On the Z Flip it feels small when folded inhalf but the Z Fold 2 could change that perception of smallness with a big 7.6" inner display. 

Ultra thin glass that's self healing in nature ?

Like the Galaxy Z Flip, the Z Fold 2 is switchingfrom the fragile plastic screen to the same ultra-thin glass, which should be less proneto damage than the original. Here's something important about the Z Fold2, on all of their foldable smartphone Samsung puts a polymer layer for added protectionand it has a special characteristic that its self-healing in nature. Which means small scratches go away in a matterof minutes. That doesn't mean it's totally scratch-resistant,though but the fingernail scratches or any other minor scratches won't stay for longon that display which means foldable phones aren't fragile as people think they are, is the best example for that.

Improve Display ?

 Arguably the biggest improvement seen in theZ Fold 2 is in the display department. On the outside we have a bigger display, thattakes over the front of the phone. This screen has very little in terms of bezelsand feels like a modern-all screen solution. Samsung has also done away with the notchon the inner display, now using a single hole punch centered in the top right half. This is a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with supportfor HDR10+ and 120hz refresh rates. 

Better hinge with sweeping mechanism ?

Samsung says that it’s reengineered thehinge, too, for greater durability. The new hinge also features what Samsung calls“a sweeper,” which uses elastic fibers to clean dust or debris out from the hingeto prevent damage to the display. Another interesting thing to note is thatSamsung is letting users customize the hinge color on this phone. 

Anti erosion waterproof coating ?

The Z Fold 2 also has an anti-erosion waterproofcoating on the main internal components according to Max Winebach. It doesn't mean you can take it for a swimbut it should be able to survive a dunk. 

Improve internals ?

It also features the fastest Android chipsetout there the Snapdragon 865+, there won't be Exynos 990 variant with this phone whichis certainly great news for Exynos regions. The cameras have gotten better and featurethe same camera setup as the Galaxy S20+ and not the Note 20 Ultra, so there is no periscopezoom camera but still, you could do 30x zoom. Features like wireless and reverse wirelesscharging are also there on the handset. Honestly, the number of improvements Samsunghas done to the Z Fold 2 compared to the original Fold are insane and it wouldn't be wrong tosay the Z Fold 2 was the star of the Unpacked event. 

November 12, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Official - Here you Go

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to ReviewSamsung Galaxy S20 FE .)}

जॉब के लिए नीचे दिए गये फ्रॉम को भरे ,👇👇👇

So Samsung released a teaser for the GalaxyS20 FE Unpacked event scheduled to take place on September 23rd. 

The teaser doesn't reveal much except theavailable colors but Evan Blass got us covered as he revealed the entire official pre-orderproduct page of this handset and it reveals each and every detail about the Galaxy S20FE. 

First up the phone will have a 6.5" Infinity-Odisplay with thin bezels and surprisingly the punch hole camera cutout actually lookssmaller compared to Galaxy S20 or Note 20 Ultra.

The screen is 120Hz more than what you geton the smaller Galaxy Note 20. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 865, thereisn't any mention of the Exynos 990 here. That doesn't confirm, though that Samsungis only equipping the S20 FE with Snapdragon chipsets. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE RAM and Storage ?

This product page is for the United Statesand that probably explains the chipset. We'll have to wait and see if there's alsogoing to Exynos version. The phone has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. There’s also an option to expand the storageup to 1TB using a microSD card. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Battery ?

A 4500mAh battery powers the handset and Samsungmentions that it's enough to power it all day. Interestingly the S20 FE supports 25W of fastcharging but Samsung is only equipping 15W charger inside the box.

Probably a cost-cutting measure. Last year's lite models had 45W chargers sothis is a big downgrade in that aspect. The phone also supports wireless and reversewireless charging. So you can charge your headphones or smartwatchwith your phone. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Camera ?

Furthermore, the page also shares the cameradetails with samples. It will have a triple-camera setup, featuringa 12MP wide-angle camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera with 3xoptical zoom. The front camera is 32MP.

By the way, there's also zoom capabilitiesas well. It has a 3x telephoto camera that can do 30Xdigital zoom. It's not a periscope zoom camera so the qualitywill not be good if you zoom in to that level. The phone also has Night Mode, Single Take,and Super Steady Mode. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FEavailable in six colors: 

It will be available in six colors: CloudNavy, Cloud White, Cloud Pink, Cloud Red, Cloud Blue, and Cloud Gold. Although the product page didn't mention it,the phone should have OneUI 2.5 right out of the box.

As for the price, again there's no mentionof it on the product page but it's going to be significantly cheaper than the Galaxy S20or Note 20 Lineup. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FEavailable in pricing ?

According to the latest information from areputed tipster Roland Quandt, the Galaxy S20 FE will be sold for 699 euros in Europe. So that means it's probably going to sellfor $699 in the United States. Considering the specs and features of thishandset, I gotta say it's a pleasant surprise to see Samsung pricing this handset this lowconsidering the Galaxy Note 20 and S20 retail for a thousand dollars. 

Since the S20 FE is here I don't think whywould anyone buy the regular S20 or the Note 20 which happens to have a 60Hz display anda plastic body. By the way, if you were wondering, the S20FE also has a glastic body but that's kinda okay since Samsung isn't outrageously pricingthis as they did with the Galaxy Note 20. 

That said, Samsung will make the S20 FE officialin a weeks time on September 23rd, let me know what do you think about this handsetin the comments down below and as always I'll see you tomorrow...peace out 

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OnePlus 9 pro full review camera, storage, and, battery ,etc.

Hello friends welcome to Hindibloganish.com today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review One plus 9 pro .)}   So just like Samsung, One...